Extra Extra Large Alluminum Grinder

Extra Extra Large Alluminum Grinder

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Aisle Ninety-Nine?ÿ4.0" 4pc grinder.

This is by far the largest grinder available in the market anywhere and it can exclusively be found here at this excellent price.

This gigantic grinder can grind the most materials possible at one time.

This is by far the best selling grinder available on the market because of its size, awesome quality, and great price!

It is made of extremely durable, and strong aircraft grade aluminum for quality and to maintain its light weight.

This is a FOUR STAGE grinder which means it has four chambers including a pollen catcher.

This awesome grinder has DIAMOND CUT RAZOR SHARP teeth to grind with great efficiency and ease.

This grinder also does a spectacular job at catching and storing pollen in its fourth chamber.

You will really love how this grinders feels in your hands because it grinds with such ease, and feels extremely smooth.

This grinder is perfect for people with vaporizers because it will work great with any vaporizer.

The grinders measurements are 4.00" Wide x 2.00" High.

This grinder has about 44 teeth