Atmos Tyga x Shine Kiln RA Vaporizer

Atmos Tyga x Shine Kiln RA Vaporizer

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Rapper Tyga and his business venture Shine rolling papers have teamed up
with Atmos vaporizers to launch the Tyga x Shine Kiln RA Kit, a sleek, high
performance vape pen for waxy oils. An improvement on the original Atmos
Kiln attachment, this wax pen features the advanced dual post system of its
predecessor, but introduces rebuildable atomizers for a customizable wax
vaping experience. Tyga has imbued upon the Kiln RA vaporizer his
personal touch, a combination of style and efficiency. The Tyga x Shine Kiln
boasts a new reflective metallic finish--in gold or silver--that dazzles the eye,
feels smooth to the touch, and stays looking brand new with a
scratch-resistant surface.

The Tyga x Shine Kiln RA has a dual post system enabling wax concentrate
enthusiasts to not only replace, but rebuild atomizers with ease. Gone are
the days when replacing an entire atomizer is required. The Tyga x Shine
Kiln RA gives vapers the power to replace only the ceramic element of the
atomizer, saving money and leveling up on convenience. Rather than having
to purchase an Atmos atomizer in its entirety, users need only pay for
replacement chambers. The dual post system is unique to the wax vape pen
world, enabling users to swap out their atomizer in a matter of seconds,
placing the Tyga x Shine Kiln RA in a league of its own.

Wax concentrate connoisseurs have been waiting for a wax pen that can
hold more. Built to satisfy vapers with big appetites for waxy oil hits, the Tyga
x Shine Kiln RA boasts a deep ceramic chamber that packs more wax
concentrates than the average wax vape pen. 

Product Features
 510 Threaded
 Rebuildable Atomizer
 950mAh Lithium-ion Battery
 Deeper Ceramic Chamber
 Micro-USB Charging Port

Product Accessories
 1 x Ceramic Mouthpiece
 1 x Ceramic Housing
 1 x Connector Base
 1 x Ceramic Heating Disc Atomizer
 1 x 950mAh Lithium-ion Battery
 1 x Micro USB Charger
 1 x Screwdriver
 1 x Packing Tool
 1 x User Manual

Additional Information
 Warranty Info: 5 Years
 Dimensions: 1.75 x 2.5 x 5.5 in.
 Weight: 0.40 lbs.
 Voltage: 110v