Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer

Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer

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The 'Chloris' (Goddess of Flowers) is an advanced aromatherapy convection herbal vaporizer with full temperature control (350-430 degrees). The thermal performance ceramic heating chamber and acrylic mouthpiece makes the vaporizing process exceptional and drives the desired effect by baking rather than combusting. This instantly strips the key elements and compounds in your herbs with perfection and leaves out the undesired plant matter. This is the smallest 'true' convection herbal vaporizer on the market with a very competitive price.

Delivery Includes:

1 x Micro USB Retractable Wire

1 x AC Adapter

1 x Scooping Tool

1 x Cleaning Brush Tool

3 x Mouth Guards

1 x User Manual

1 Year Warranty