Herbal Aire H3 Vaporizer

Herbal Aire H3 Vaporizer

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The most versatile vaporizer in the world: Direct Inhalation, bag fill, whip and on and onƒ?? Set-up and clean-up in seconds. Features a raised top to allow a higher capacity chamber and a protective lens which also magnifies the temperature dial.

Delivery Includes:

1 x H3 Pump w/ Rocket Switch
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Crucible
1 x Crucible Caddy
1 x Whip
1 x Pump Tubing w/ Connector
1 x Cleaning Tube
2 x Extensions
8 x Bags
2 x Bag Mouthpieces
2 x Hose Clamps

3 Year Warranty