HipVap Vaporizer

HipVap Vaporizer

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The Hipvapƒ?› is a sophisticated and stylish portable vaporizer. Its compact aluminum housing holds two high capacity lithium-ion batteries that can heat the chamber up to vaping temperature in 60 seconds and its intuitive controls let you dial in just the right temperature for your favorite dry herbs, waxes, or oils. Hipvapƒ?› monitors the temperature, giving you real-time feedback. A quick press of the button brings the Hipvapƒ?› right back to your preferred temperature, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Experience the difference. Vape in style.

Delivery Includes:

2 x Pod Chambers

8 x Oil Wicks

3 x Screens

2 x Additional Mouthpieces

1 x Charger

10 x Pipe Cleaners

2 x Smell-Proof Bags

1 x Instruction Booklet

2 Year Warranty - (Heating Element & Electronics)