KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer - 56 Nights Edition

KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer - 56 Nights Edition

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Rapper Future's producer DJ Esco teamed with one of the biggest names in
vaping for the KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights Limited Edition, a compact wax
pen with powerful vapor production and a slick, functional look. The latest
iteration of the KandyPens Galaxy comes with an upgraded mouthpiece with
air carb, 2 dual quartz atomizers, and a sexy, glossy finish with the 56 Nights
logo. The KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights features a temperature controlled
battery, giving you a universe of different vapor profiles. Enjoy wax
concentrates vapor as potent and smooth as Future's trap house hits.

The KandyPens 56 Nights boasts an upgraded mouthpiece with an added
air carb that's rare for a wax pen. Users can clear out the entire chamber of
the KandyPens Galaxy Limited Edition 56 Nights using the carb, making for
bigger, lung-busting hits. The KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights mouthpiece also
cuts down on wasted vapor. The ergonomic design of the KandyPens 56
Nights mouthpiece fits perfectly with your lips, and the decently sized air hole
has little resistance for bigger, satisfying draws. The KandyPens 56 Nights
Limited Edition mouthpiece is easy to clean and replace.

KandyPens Galaxy 56 Nights features 2 powerful dual quartz rod atomizers
included in the box.

Product Features
 Temp Controlled Battery
 Sleek Glossy Finish
 Dual Quartz Rod
 Elevated Airflow System
 510 Threading
 Deep-Dish Chamber

Product Accessories
 1 x Mouthpiece
 1 x Temperature Controlled Battery
 2 x Dual Quartz Atomizers
 1 x Dabbing Tool
 1 x Chamber Connection Piece

Additional Information
 Warranty Info: Lifetime (Battery)
 Dimensions: 1 x 4 x 4.5 in.
 Weight: 0.50 lbs.
 Voltage: 110v
 Thread Size: 510