Silver Surfer Standard Whip

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The Patent Pending Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) Quick Change Whip / Wand

Only the Silver Surfer Vaporizer offers the quick change wand.?ÿ The hour glass design helps to stop the screen from going all the way down the wand.?ÿ Just look at the wand design of the vapor brothers, vapor doc, vapezilla or any other wand style vaporizer and ask yourself, how do I change the screen??ÿ Well when they first came up with the SSV, they knew that was the biggest problem facing was the screen change.?ÿ For a year or so the SSV came with a standard wand like the compitition until one day the idea came to them.?ÿ Not only is the new wand easier to change the screen, but they upgraded the glass to the thickest borosilicate glass.

How to Change the Screen On Your Silver Surfer Vaporizer whip / wand!

Well, this screen change is very easy with their patent pending quick change wand.?ÿ First take out the old screen.?ÿ Now take your new screen and put it in the top.?ÿ Take your stir tool and push it down.?ÿ Now, you would like to push the screen down and have it slide over but this is difficult.?ÿ What you do is when the screen is down towards the begriming of the hour glass FLIP the screen.?ÿ This FLIP of the screen will make one edge catch in the lip and then all you have to do is push the other end down with the stir tool.?ÿ You should be able to put in a new screen almost faster and easier than taking the screen out from the front.?ÿ The process of putting in a new screen is FAST!

ƒ?› Quick change wand (made from laboratory grade borosilicate glass)

ƒ?› Borosilicate clear glass mouthpiece

ƒ?› 3/8 inch super soft clear vinyl tubing (food grade)